• Image of The Timberbounds - Original drawings
  • Image of The Timberbounds - Original drawings
  • Image of The Timberbounds - Original drawings

Original Inktober drawings from 2017. The female is from Dani Diez. The male from Beatrice Blue. Both are sold as the couple. They represent each other.

Dani Diez: The Timberbounds- There she was, Beatrice Timberbound in her throne, welcoming everyone with her slight smile and her infinite kindness.
So guys... what is this Timberbound's Ball about? Let me tell you :) One year ago I got married with @beatrice.blue . We made a small celebration with our parents. Some weeks later, we went with our friends to the woods and made the most amazing improvised ceremony ever. And now, one year later, we thought it was the time to finish the ceremonies. 
The Timberbound's ball is the ceremony thas was still missing: the ceremony in the imaginary world, which is so important as the real one for me. So, one by one, we've called our friends in there and now it's time to do it!

Beatrice Blue: -the Timberbounds- -
“You might all be asking yourselves why those long travels. Why, from all the kingdom and the realms, you happen to be invited.
Well here’s the thing” -said the King Dani Timberbound- “One year ago we started sharing our lives as one. We became a family! But only in the real world.
Now that one whole year has gone by, it’s time for the people of our own wonderful world to be able to celebrate with us.
This is our kingdom. Our magical world! And some of our most precious and wonderful treasures” -then he sighted, smiling and held his wife’s hand with care-
“So now that we’re all here, LET THE BALL BEGIN!!”

Product description:

* Original drawings x2 (x1 by Dani Diez + x1 by Beatrice Blue)
* A4 size
* Ink & ink paper
* Not available separately

**Find the other 15 couples at: beatricebluestore.bigcartel.com